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Split Checks?


My wife and I are travelling to Switzerland in a few weeks with another couple. Is it common to split checks at dinner with another couple or is it generally frowned upon by service staff?


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Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If it’s no, you just divide it up and assume everyone ordered and ate what they wanted. Otherwise, some places we go to the counter and pay separately.

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Our group of six used the phone app Splid. We just took turns paying and recording the expenses and at the end, we settled up amongst ourselves. Less hassles for both the group and wait staff.

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Yeah, I went on a trip with my brother and son, we used Splitwise, it kept track of everything, we adjusted who paid as we went, in the end, we just settled up.

I suppose it also depends on if there is an issue around what people like to order, we split evenly regardless of what was ordered. I can see with another couple if they are steak, seafood and a couple bottles of wine type people and you are hamburger, salad and water people, that may not work; but nothing wrong with keeping a side tally and swapping who pays.

If you go the app route (like Splitwise) I would have someone get the paid version, that allows instant currency conversion and more entries per day than the free version.

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Another recommendation for Splitwise, works great. Everyone just takes turns paying, then you settle up at the end of the trip. And Venmo now has a group function that does a similar thing, if everyone is on Venmo.

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The service staff that I’ve encountered in over 17 years of international travel rarely have an issue splitting checks. I’ve found that many have a simple method for handling that option. Typically the server comes to the table with their electronic device and collects however you indicate. Some establishments require that patrons pay at the counter upon completion of a meal. Again, that process for paying separately is just as easy.

In the U.S. this seems to be more of a challenge often meeting resistance for paying separately.

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Splid has worked well for me on several trips. Just keep track of everything in Splid, and settle up at the end of the trip.

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Splitting checks is fairly common in Switzerland. I do this all the time with office lunch outings, dinner with friends etc. Sometimes they will even ask if you want one bill or to split it. You can just explain to the waitstaff how you want to divide it when they bring the check.
The only difficulty would be if you want separate receipts (for example to submit with expense reports), but on a vacation that is probably not an issue.

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I have never had a problem splitting a bill in Switzerland, though are usually two.