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Restaurants in Zurich: Thanks, Rick Steves!

Rick Steves batted a thousand with recommended restaurants in Zurich! As the guide book says, the Neiderdorf neighborhood has dozens of pleasant eateries. We loved Cafe Zuhringer, where "leafy seating on the square" promoted a community feeling among the diners (travelers and locals) and staff. On a warm evening, the cold salad main dishes and tapas were just right, served with interesting local beer and wine - and live music! On our last evening in Zurich, Wirtschaft Neumarkt was an absolute delight, and we were really glad we had a reservation, as the place filled right up lots of people were turned away while we were enjoying a wonderful meal in the garden. Starters were fresh and flavorful, and traditional Swiss veal was tender and the white wine sauce was deliciously light, rosti (traditional Swiss potatoes) perfect side. It was all accompanied by perhaps the best white wine I have ever tasted (Swiss, made from four grapes, and available only in Switzerland, since they don't make enough to export). Another evening we just picked an interesting Italian restaurant in the same area, and had a fine meal, but the two described above were truly memorable.

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