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Pension Gimmelwald. Flies?

Hi all,
We visited the Pension Gimmelwald this July twice. A lovely place. and the Schwarz Mönch beer is not to be missed!
Our complaint was the huge amounts of flies everywhere. When I say huge amounts, we had to put a piece of cheese away from our food to keep them off our dishes. Has anyone else encountered this?

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Sometimes flies are very specific to a time of year. Like right after the snow melts in the mountains was our experience in CO mountains. In northern MN, we can always expect them about mid June. Just a guess. . .

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Not surprising, with all the cows and their, uhh, byproducts around.

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My experience, it is like that all over the Switzerland countryside. I am still mystified why Europe in general doesn't use screens on their windows? I have NEVER seen a screen window anywhere.

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I think if you want to decrease the number of flies, you need to increase your distance from the barns and cowsheds.
I was in Murren the first part of August. Some flies, but not to the degree you are talking about.