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One night in Geneva, early flight

We will fly home from Geneva on a 7am flight on a Thursday. We will be in Wengen on Monday and Tuesday nights. I thought I would try to find a hotel room near the Geneva airport for my family of 5 for Wed night. However, I'm having a lot of trouble finding a room near the airport for a family of 5. For that matter, I'm having a tough time finding one in downtown as well. My question is, should I look in Lausanne and is it reasonable to think I could book a taxi for us to get us from Lausanne to the airport by 5am? Is there somewhere else I should consider? Month of travel is July. I'm surprised there is such little selection looking this far ahead, but perhaps I am looking too late. Thanks for any advice.

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Lausanne looks to be an hour from the airport. That would be a last ditch option for me.

Have you looked at booking two rooms? "Family of 5", mom/dad and 3 kids? One parent in each room, perhaps?

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You've been lucky if you can find rooms for 5 in Wengen.

Most European rooms are quite small.

4 is usually a push.

There are lots of hotels in and around Geneva airport. Normally I would say to stay in Geneva and just take the train to the airport which has the station just downstairs.

But with a 7 am flight - goodness gracious and you have to get all 5 of you going so early, even the slow one - you need to be doing the business 3 hours ahead for an international flight so that is YIKES 4am..... So even if you need adjoining rooms, maybe even connecting rooms, that's likely to be your best choice.

Sorry you can't five a 5 bed room.

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I would stay in the city and take the train. We stayed at a hotel near the train station and just walked. The train is free to the airport as well from what I remember if you stay at a hotel in the city.

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My husband and I flew out early on a flight from Geneva a few years ago and I remember staying in an Ibis hotel right across the highway from the airport......when we do this for early flights we always want to get as close to the airport as we possibly can in case something goes wrong and we need to get there ASAP......I remember the rooms are small so you might need to book 2.

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We ended up using a hostel in Geneva. It surprised me how well it turned out. It was me (50s) and my 20 year old daughter in a 6 person room. I also think they might have had "family" rooms.

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I posted this last year. I would give them a try. I could not have been easier to get to the airport.

I recently flew from Geneva after a RS My Way Tour. I found Hotel Cristal to be very convenient to the airport. I stepped off the train and was literally steps to the front door of hotel They will give you a card allowing you a free ride on express train to Geneva Airport (6 min). The staff all spoke English and were extremely helpful. My converter did not fit the plug and they provided one free of charge. My room was clean and reasonable. $95. Will stay there again.


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Unfortunately the train from the town to the airport, on a Thursday to catch an international "flight home" won't work. The first train (RE18404) is at Geneva station at 4:44 after starting at Lausanne at 03:51. It doesn't get to the airport until 04:51 which IMHO is too late for a 7:00 international flight.

Before that and until the next train at 05:27, it is buses.

That's why I suggested to be walking distance.

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A few years ago we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express by the Geneva Airport. It was very reasonably priced. The shuttle may not run as early as you need for your flight, but it’s only 1 km from the airport so you can use a cab.

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Please don't stay in Lausanne! ;-)
I used to live in Lausanne, and it is quite far from Geneva airport. If people visiting us, or we, had an early-morning flight, we'd get a room in Geneva for the night before. One of the hotels we used is actually in Meyrin near CERN (and the airport) and has changed hands, apparently – now called NH Geneva Airport Hotel. The hotel website says it is a 5-minute (SFr 20) taxi ride from the airport. I know we once had a room that was spacious enough for two adults and two (small) children, but the new owners may have changed the room layouts. The hotels people have mentioned above such as the Cristal & HI Express sound like great options, too.