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Hotel Leoneck in Zurich

Do the recent RS Switzerland books still recommend this hotel? I know it was in the guidebook I used to plan our 2002 family trip to Switzerland, (I seem to recall a fun cow theme to the decor) and probably in the 2005 book, but I haven’t bought one since (we have been back repeatedly and do not need a guidebook any longer).

I just learned from one of the newsletters I receive from Swiss tourism resources that the Leoneck has been re-invented as a “digital hotel” (no reception desk, self-chick-in and out) after closing in March or April of 2020. The remodeled rooms have an alpine hut theme, but look very modern. Prices at least in June seem to be on the low side of moderate, in comparison to other nearby hotels I am familiar with. It is not as close to the train station as Hotel Walsall’s or Hotel Bristol, but still within walking distance (uphill).

If you are looking for reviews, you can find some recent ones on The TripAdvisor reviews are all from the previous Leoneck Hotel, more than 2 years old and no longer relevant.

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Do the recent RS Switzerland books still recommend this hotel?

It is recommended in the latest RS Switzerland, the tenth edition. The book mentions a “large lobby” but no mention of it being a digital hotel. My guess is the changes to the hotel were made after this book was printed.

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