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Farm Stays in Switzerland?

We are in the early planning stages of a trip to Italy next June that will include 3-5 days in Switzerland. I am travelling my two teen daughters. Since we will have just spent the better part of 3 weeks in cities (Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice), I am looking into a farm stay in Switzerland for a complete change of pace. I know staying in some of the smaller towns will also give us the change of pace, but wanted something even more different from our urban daily life.

For context, we intend to go to Switzerland from Venice or Florence (still working on the details) and will need to return to Milan for our flight. Additionally, should anyone have any experience with this and knows if there is a place comfortable with supporting gluten-free needs, that information would also be appreciated. One family member must eat very strictly gluten-free.

I did do a search on the forum and really did not find much on this topic. I hope to hear from someone with some additional info. Thanks!

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I have seen some signs for farm stays but have not actually stayed at one. We might do that in the future...

Gluten free, however, I will tell you about. Be ready to shop Coop and Migros, grocery stores. You can find their gluten free lists online, probably in PDF. They have Schaer brand over there that is completely gluten free, even their puff pastry.

In Luzern Tratoria de la Nonna is a gluten free restaurant that is up from the Lion and to the left down Spitalstrasse near the hospital.

In Appenzell Gasthaus Aescher is run by Claudia, her husband, and one of their children's family (with newborn and all). One of Claudia's son's best friends is celiac so Claudia knows EXACTLY what gluten free is and they know how to accommodate it (mostly Roesti). I would suggest you go here instead of your farm stay. Trust me, really, it will be a complete change of pace. And VERY Swiss.

Also in Ssitzerland they sell grill-e's. Self-contained, aluminum, all-inclusive BBQ grill. Take it, and your store-bought wurst/vegetables to a park, light it, cook on it, recycle it. 5 CHF or so.

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Appenzell is a very picturesque town of about 6000. It's located in green, rolling dairy country. It would be quite different from the Italian cities you're seeing earlier in your trip.

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Thank you for the replies and especially for the gluten-free suggestions. I will check those out!

I have also been using this website:

It is the Swiss Tourism website. I add it to the discussion in case anyone else is looking for similar information.

I appreciate the community's input!

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I forgot to mention this, BUT your phone will be your best friend regarding gluten free.

  1. Grocery stores (Migros & Coop) have their own apps. Small sentence but BIG impact. Each app can run a search for stores in your area, have (essentially Google Maps) integration to literally SHOW you where the nearest stores are. You can find out ANYTHING about the store via its link on the app. When looking at the maps if a store is closed at the moment there will be a "Zzzz" hovering above the store's icon on the map. I have the Aldis apps for the US and it is almost a clone. Sales are advertised via the app :)

  2. Gluten free restaurant apps. Gluten Free Near Me, Gluten Free Switzerland, and others will direct you to local gluten free restaurants. Some will be gluten free but others will offer gluten free fare and will typically be pretty knowledgeable.

  3. Gluten free restaurant cards. I keep a PDF on my iPhone that I can open and show to the waiter. I try to always have one or two in my fanny pack to give the waiter so that they can take it back to the chef (and basically keep it if they need to) but the PDF is my EMERGENCY backup.

  4. Gluten free lists. By this I mean that Migros and Coop both have gluten free PDF lists (I think PDF) that I keep on my phone for reference before and during shopping trips.

Eating consistently gluten free is a challenge and, for those that it is forced upon, it can make traveling from difficult to unpleasent. If not properly planned for it will definitely get in the way of a good time due to the direct effects of gluten on our bodies (diarrhea, severe abdominal cramps, bloating, etc. for several hours at a time) as well as the constant worry (you don't understand) that an accidental gluten-dosing will happen. Sort of takes the fun out of a meal if you have some of these things in the back of your mind.

There may be other reasons so I will add if I think of them. If you would like a PDF of the restaurant card PM me and I can send it via email. I have German on one side and French (covers most folks) on the other so whoever I give it to doesn't have to worry.

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Fabulous information. Thank you. Yes, getting cross-contaminated from gluten can have a huge negative impact on trip. I spend tons of time carefully researching before we go anywhere to be well prepared.

I will add those apps to my phone!