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Best places to stay in Switzerland?

Do you have a favorite Swiss hotel in the cities or chalet in the mountains? Places you'd go back to when you can travel again? Share your best experiences -- or perhaps a memorable moment -- and help stoke our collective travel dreams!

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We have stayed at Hotel Alpenrose in Wengen three times and loved it. Hope to stay there again.

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We really enjoyed Chalet Fontana in Murren run by Denise. It was just perfect for us three middle-aged lady travelers who were traveling on a budget. I would certainly go back.


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Hotel Oberland in Lauterbrunnen with a balcony for great view of the alps
and the valley, outdoor seating area for dinner and five minutes walk to cable
car and trains.

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In Bern I really like the Holiday Inn Bern Westside. Quaint and full of charm and right in the middle of a picturesque village it ain’t.

However what it is - it has big windows, air-conditioning, BIG beds, a very modern bathroom in a big room, with fast, frequent and secure lifts/elevators, great views into the surrounding countryside, and it is in the Westside shopping mall so you get the restaurants, cinemas, and shopping without going outside and in the same complex is a very modern compact water park which is included in the room rate. If you get the breakfast, while expensive, it has everything you could possibly imagine, and very friendly and helpful people.

It is at the end of a tram line from the centre of town with a bus station and train station adjacent. Trains go through frequently towards Merton one way and the centre of the city of Bern the other way. All transportation within the city including the funiculars and hill lifts are included in the free ticket that you were given for the duration of your stay. That’s particularly important because there is so much to do in Bern including taking the funicular up the Gurten for all the fun and views up there.

And of course you can get to the bears and rose garden by foot or tram or electric bus.

Parking is inside and is a special section of the mall parking structure. Not cheap at Fr.25 a day but extremely convenient and out of the weather.

I have stayed there several times and have never had a bad experience. This is where we stay when we are visiting Bern which is my favourite Swiss city.

I have favourites near Zürich and Zug, and I have favourites in both Mürren and Interlaken. Those will be the topic of another entry.

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Another recommendation for Hotel Alpenrose in Wengen. We have stayed twice and go back again as soon as possible.

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Hotel Ambiance in Zermatt. It is the last hotel in this town with hundreds of hotels that is still owned and operated by the original family. Hannelore grew up in the hotel and her husband, Andre, is a terrific chef.

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Another happy customer of Hotel Alpenrose in Wengen! The view from our bed and balcony was breathtaking, we loved being on the edge of town, breakfast was excellent, and the owners were very nice. The owner even insisted on giving us a ride in his little truck back to the train station, so we didn’t need to walk to it.

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Hmmm, do not see any votes for Olle and Maria