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Want to play travel agent?

I'm trying to put together a trip to Scandinavia in the near future. The cities I'm targeting are Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo - after probably flying into Amsterdam. Trip will probably be 16-17 nights and most likely traveling solo so can be a pretty agile traveler. I've been to Europe 4 times and really did not dislike any city - but really like Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris. I love museums, walking tours, history, food - not too interested in things like hiking, biking, but not out of the question for an awesome opportunity.

Just trying to figure out things like:

How to balance time in each city - equal in each?
Best travel options between cities - plane vs train.
Is one city best for departure back to USA?
How good of an option is AirBnB in these areas vs hotel?

Just trying to get general feel now.


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You might take a look at the RS itinerary for the Best of Scandinavia tour for some hints. Another easy quick study is to click on the specific Scandinavian countries in the Explore Europe section.

I'm taking that tour next month. Flying RT Seattle to Amsterdam. Spending 2 nights in Amsterdam at the beginning and the end. Flying KLM from Amsterdam to Stockholm 2 nights before the tour starts because I haven't been to Stockholm before. Spending 2 extra nights in Bergen after the tour ends for the Summer Solstice, then flying KLM from Bergen to Amsterdam.

Flying RT Seattle to Amsterdam worked out best for me. I haven't explored this, but I'd think if possible for you, going through Iceland might make your trip even that much more interesting. As to trains, if I remember correctly, the rides are pretty long between the major cities. However, if those rapeseed fields in Sweden seen in the Wallander episodes are seeable from the train, the trip would be worth it!

My flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm will be about 2 hours flying time. From Bergen to Amsterdam will be a bit less. Of course that doesn't count all the time in the airports before and after.