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Vasa Museum

Anyone been? We are going to leave the airport during our 5.5 hour layover and go to the Vasa Museum. Hubby has planned for us to stay there about 1.5 hours before heading back to the airport. Is this enough time for the museum?

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Great choice. That's about the amount of time we spent there.

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1.5 hours is plenty of time at the Vasa. And it's a very cool site to see.

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That amount of time should work for you. It's a wonderful museum.

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Just returned. Went to see Vasa only because my husband wanted to go. Not really my thing, so glad we went. It is beautiful. Whatever amount of time, definitely do it.

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I'd suggest that as soon as you arrive you check the time for the free guided tour. Also, watch the film that shows footage of how they raised the ship in the 60s.

I think one can easily spend more than 1.5 hours in the Vasa Museet, but you should have enough time for the tour. It is a great museum.

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Great museum; as other posters have stated, you can probably see the majority of the exhibits, although you could easily spend another hour.

If it were myself, I would be a bit concerned about the timing. I know that 5.5 hours seems like a long time, but with the actual exiting of the airport, locating the Arlanda express, taxi from the station in Stockholm to the Vasa museum and then reversing the process, you may have less time than you think. Just make sure that you give yourself a little buffer to get back through airport security.

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I was at the Vasa Museum last week, and it's quite a sight. Everyone that goes to Stockholm goes there. 1 1/2 hrs. is sufficient to see it.

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Will the Vasa be your only stop in Stockholm? Have you been to Stockholm before? While the Vasa is a pleasant and interesting stop, I wouldn't put it at the top of my list things to do with 5.5 hours in Stockholm. If you plan to take pictures in the museum, have a camera that you know will capture sharp images in low light. You may want to consider the express train from the airport to the city. It is "pricey" but fast. Five and a half hours will go by quickly considering the train ride to and from Stockholm and the tram (or taxi) to the Vasa and back.