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Travel to see Carl Larsson's home in Sundborn

We wish to visit Carl Larsson's home and Garden before the tour begins.

1. How do we Travel to Sundborn or Falun? Bus or train?
2. Can that be done from the Stockholm Airport?
3. Loging in Sundborn?
4. How much time is required to complete such a visit and return to join the tour?
5. Current tours of Carl Larsson's home in Sundborn as of (2/1/2024) can be booked up till March 9. There are English tour only on Saturday and Sunday at 14:15 (2:15 pm). Do the tour times change in August and are there English tours during the week in August? We plan to be in Falun the night of August 8 and 9 so we plan to visit the house Saturday August 10 at 14:15 and then take the train to Stockholm. Is there anything I am missing? The comments so far have been extremely helpful.
Thanks for any suggestions or comments.

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  1. Sundborn is a 25 minute bus ride from Falun.
  2. Yes, there are direct trains from the airport to Falun.
  3. No lodging in Sundborn I think, it's a small village. But many hotels in Falun.
  4. Short answer: It depends on how much time you want to spend in Sundborn and Falun.
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How much time is required to complete such a visit and return to join the tour?

Adding to Badger’s comment, if you are traveling from the airport by train to Falun, it will take about 3 hours on the train. If you are doing this immediately after your transatlantic flight, I’d plan to spend at least 2 nights in Falun (day 1: travel to Falun, day 2: tour Sundborn, day 3: travel to Stockholm). You can check the train schedule on Arlanda C is the station at the airport.

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Clarifying a few things, there are direct trains from Stockholm to Falun. If you have connections and your train is late, you don't have to buy last minute bus tickets. E.g. if you miss the connection in Gävle, just take the next train to Falun. There are direct trains from Arlanda to Falun. Trains are typically faster than buses.