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Train schedule help


I am trying to find a train from Oslo to Stockholm on August 19th.

I am looking at both the SJ website and the VY website. Some options are the same, and then some are different, and seems to be the bus connections are different on both sites.

Unless we want to take a very early departure or very late arrival train (not an option) , there is no direct route, and those two trains are intercity trains. My next option is a bus, then train transfer to a high speed train. I don't know the differences between the trains enough to know if there is a better option? Is "VyBus4UExpress" a good option? Are the intercity trains fine vs the express high speed trains?

What happened to all the high speed trains between these two cities? Just want to make sure I am reading the schedules correctly.


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Avoid Vy for this trip, use SJ and nowhere else.

Trains to and from Norway has been reduced due to the pandemic, but there are now two daily direct Intercity trains between Oslo and Stockholm. The high speed trains will return next year.

The intercities are perfectly fine. They are a tad slower, and not all carriages have wifi (but most do). But the train will have a bistro, and the seats are nice. In general, a direct intercity train will in my opinion be a nicer trip than bus + high speed train.

Another option is to make a stop in Karlstad on the way, it is a nice town worth a night.

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Thank you. We decided to go with the VERY early AM intercity train purchased off the SJ website (why is this one better - just curious). Sadly, we won't be able to squeeze in another city before this stop since we have to get our daughter to her program. We will be traveling more after drop off. You are the one who helped me pick Visby for a late August visit! Thanks for your help.

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(why is this one better - just curious)

Very simple, because SJ is the company that operates the trains.