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Train Help Needed - Sweden and Denmark

I am looking to book train travel in Sweden and then to Denmark, specifics below. I am reading about all of the different options such as Scandinavian rail passes, private train companies (may be needed for between certain cities), etc. It is all getting a bit confusing although I have been online for quite a bit planning our trip, ha! I do not know if I will need a mix of Scandinavian rail pass and private train companies. If either one will work for all options.

If anyone has experience with train travel in these two countries I would certainly appreciate any advice and / or direction of which way to go forward with!!

Primary (required) trips are Stockholm to Gothenburg, and Gothenburg to Copenhagen.

Possible other times of riding trains will be either:
within each of these cities (to get to sites, eateries, etc) and/or;
train for day trips

Thank you :)

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If that's all you're planning, a rail pass will be a waste of money. Just buy regular tickets in advance at

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Thank you Badger! As I am looking for tickets, it seems that I can either purchase directly through or a website called RailNinja; have you heard of this RailNinja? Should I stick with shopping directly on the site?

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Buying from the company that actually runs the trains or from a suspicious third party based in China? That seems like an easy choice to me.

Yes, I've heard of Railninja. They are rather famous, or perhaps rather infamous, for massively overcharging their users with huge booking fees. And if something goes wrong, their "customer service" has been known to be very hard to reach..