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Train from Stockholm to Copenhagen

I visited the website that another poster provided on this forum to purchase rail tickets from Stockholm to Copenhagen, but apparently nothing was available from Stockholm Central.
Does the high speed train depart from another station?

Any tips would assist. Our travel will be for 8 June 2019.

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Most likely tickets are not available yet for that far into the future.

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That may be true, but I wonder if the train station in Stockholm for the Copenhagen train may not be the Central station?

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Trains to Copenhagen leave from Stockholm Central station. With track work for a portion of this year, there was a period where you had to change trains a couple of times en route, but you could still enter "Stockholm C" as your originating station and get a ticket for the whole route. If some situation next year means you have to leave from a different Stockholm-area station entirely, I'm sure they'd make that information available on the SJ website. Thousands of people take these trains - they're not going to just leave them all hanging with no information.

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It was called out the times that I looked at, with a warning about the station-area construction and the option to either buy your ticket from the central station, including the local connection, or to request the ticket from the suburban station indicated as a change point. Either locals or tourists might already have a city pass to cover the local service. A year from now, it will probably be finished.