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Tipping a guide / Sweden going Cashless

I will be traveling to Sweden this summer and expect to sign up for a couple of walking tours or guided trips. I have been reading that Sweden is going cashless. However, I should be prepared to tip a guide in cash? How much tip? Is there a difference in the amount of tip one should make for a regularly scheduled english tour say (for example) at Kalmar Slott vs. a tip that you give if you join a tour by a private company say (for example) a walking tour of Gamla Stan? Any information about tipping and how to tip (digitally? cash?) would be helpful. Thank you!

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My wife's second cousin, who is a tour guide in Lund, hopes Badger never takes a tour with her.

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Du kan hälsa henne att jag inte har några planer på att anlita henne, jag har rätt bra koll på Lund redan.

But, her salary is not my problem. Few people will say no if you throw money at them for no good reason, but she should not expect people who have paid for a tour to hand her extra money just for doing her job.

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Swedes only tip in restaurants and bars but not everyone does. The card terminal will often ask for the total making it easy to round up if you want to but it is far from required. Some people do it in the evening but almost noone do it on a simple lunch offer. For lunch I've even seen a few waiters enter the total with 0 tip since they don't adjust the card terminal settings back and forth between lunch and evening.