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Time between trains?

I asked a month or so ago about trains from Copenhagen to Stockholm, it looked like there was maintenance and travel would be impacted. I waited and the maintenance schedule seems to have been adjusted, and a lot more trains have been added!

Question: it looks like there is at least one stop/change in either Lund or Malmo. The layover time in Lund is quick - approx 15 minutes, where in Malmo it is more like 30 min.

Is it better to have more time to switch trains, or does it not matter? Is Malmo a much bigger train station and therefore travelers would need more time to switch trains?

Thank you!

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The connection times aren't always logical and also consider changes from/to bus. In you case it's often the same platform in Lund, it's outdoors with roof. In Malmö it's indoors but you arrive at the underground level and depart from street level. In Malmö you can board around 10 minutes before departure. Having margin for delays is also a thing to consider.