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Taxi from Cruise Port to ARN Airport

We will be arriving back in Stockholm after a week cruise at Frihamnen Cruise Port and need to get to the airport to catch a flight. The ship arrives at 8am (hopefully earlier) and we are hoping to schedule a 10:20am flight.

What would be the fastest way to get to the airport? We will be arriving on a Sunday morning so I think that might be an advantage (no rush hour).

Thanks for your help.


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That is very tight. I would not do it. Have you had prior experience with departing a cruise ship? If you have had prior experience I will not elaborate. Is it a domestic or international flight? Obviously, the taxi will be the fastest.

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A flight to where? Even for an internal flight it seems tight.

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I have disembarked from a cruise ship before. I figured we have to plan to be "ready to go" :)

We will be traveling to Nice, France. Would an 11:50am departure work?

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That is very tight. I personally would not book a flight that close to arrival. The airport is about a 40 minute drive from the Frihamnen port and just getting off a large ship can take a while.

The fastest way would be to book a taxi to the airport. While the Arlanda Express train is the fastest from the center (20 minutes), it is at least a 15 minute drive from the port to the train station.

It is important to use a reputable taxi service in Stockholm as taxis are not regulated. I always used Taxi Stockholm when I lived in Stockholm. I would ask for a fixed price.

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Tom, even if you plan to be "ready to go" off the ship when it arrives in port at 8:00 am (that is the time booked with port authorities so do not hope for earlier) there are necessary port formalities that take time, so it would be miraculous to disembark at 8:00. You would have to be extremely lucky to arrive at the airport, go through security and make that 10:20 flight.

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My thanks to all for your feedback.

We'll go with the 11:50am flight