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Sweden & Norway

We will be visiting Sweden and Norway in June. We will have about 10 days. A couple of questions.

Can we use money from Sweden in Norway or visa versa? Or should we just use plastic?

Given the number of days and assuming I will be driving, is it possible to see the fjords of Norway and visit Sweden for 5 days? Are there any fjords in Sweden without going north?

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The currencies of Sweden and Norway are different. You will need to use the correct currency in the correct country,

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No you can't use money from Sweden in Norway, different countries, different currencies.

The beautifull fjords in Norway are found in the west of the country, on the Atlantic coast. The most famous are Lysefjorden (google Kjeragbolten and Preikestolen for pictures) near Stavanger and Geirangerfjord (again google for pictures) near Ålesund.

I have only been to Geiranger and it is amazing. You can drive there from Oslo in a day and the drive itself is also very beatifull. Geiranger is also close to Jostedalsbreen glaicer and Jotunheimen national park. The glacier is Europes largest, but what you see at the base of it is not very impressive, the area is beautifull though. Jotunheimen is home to Norways highest mountains and offer great hiking.

As stated there are Archipelagoes in Sweden, wich are nice, but nowhere near as impressive as the norwegian fjords.