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Sweden next week, June 2023! Train from Gothenberg-->Stockholm or drive?


Looking for insight - we're a family of 5 with school aged kids. Will be traveling from Gothenburg to Stockholm during midsummer and was planning on the fast train but now I've read about Vimmerby and wondering if we should consider driving with a overnight in Vimmerby/Smaland for Astrid lindgren land or a hike, and scenic drive or stick to the quicker train ride with more time in Stockholm. We have been to Stockholm before (this trip as is well have 5 nights, but if we stop in Vimmerby for 1 night, we'd have 4). Any thoughts? Previous to this we'll have been in the Gothenburg archipelago for 4 nights. Haven't seen Swedish countryside yet - just Stockholm

Thanks !

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Short answer: What do you want to see and do?

You can travel direct to Stockholm, or you can make a stop in Vimmerby if you want to. It's up to you and your personal preference. But, you don't need to rent a car to get to Vimmerby, you can take the train there. Although whichever option you choose there is a large lake in the way. And if you're planning to do anything during midsummer you need to book it soon.