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Sweden Gothenburg or Marstrand, Halmstad...Dec travel where is safe to stay?

Hello, I will be traveling by car from Aalborg DK to (thinking about Marstrand) or Gothenburg (i'm not a big shopper, rather be in nature) for a day visit and one night stay. Next day and night in Halmstad, then on to a long weekend in Copenhagen passing through Malmo. I will be with my 23 yr old son. I unfortunately read a lot of not so great news about safety issues. I'm going anyhow and just would like any info on areas that may be considered unsafe so that I may use good judgement. Many articles just say" stay away from unsafe areas"...but not the name of them. I grew up in NY in the 80's and I navigated areas around NYC and the boroughs that I knew I needed to be cautious about at night as a single women, because I had local knowledge. When traveling in completely unknown locale how do I navigate if I do not know areas? Any help would be appreciated. We are traveling in mid December 2018. I'm not trying to be an alarmist just trying to use god judgement. I know all countries have hot spots and am not trying to pass judgment on any immigrant conflicts with in Swedish society.

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While both Sweden and Denmark have had some issues with criminals shooting at each other recently, this is not something that should concern the average tourist. These shootings have made the news because they are unusual in what are some of the worlds safest and most peacefull countries. And of course sone people will use this to advance their ant immigration agenda, but a lot of what you read online is in the fake news category.
Yes there are some areas I would avoid at night in Malmø and Copenhagen, but they are public housing projects outside the city centres away from any tourist attractions. You would have to be searching for them to end up there.

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Good to know and thank you very much. It's nice to hear thoughts from a citizen and not the media. That is exactly what I was looking for.