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Sweden Archipelago recommendations?


My wife and I (both mid-thirties) are traveling for the first time since we had our baby a year ago. We are leaving our baby with my mother and excited for an adventure with just the two of us.

The trip is shorter than we would like but we are making due with what we have.

Below is our current itinerary, we are both very into food (interesting restaurants, dining experiences, tastings, unique offerings) and local experiences (foraging, kayaking, fishing, brewery or winery tours, farmer markets, cultural experiences).

I was curious if anyone here has any recommendations or suggestions based on where we are planning on being. Also curious how easy it is to find 'last minute' travel between islands with water taxis? The more input the merrier.

Thanks in advance!

Land in Stockholm 7am
Take ferry to Sandhamn
Enjoy Sandhamn (any recs?!)

Wake up in Sandhamn
Take 2pm ferry to Haro
Stay in Haro

Wake up in Haro
Take ferry to Glindo transfer to Svartso

Wake in Svartso (recs?)
2pm; Ferry to Stockholm -> Stockholm -> Ferry to Gotland (is there a better route?)

Wake up in Gotland
Stay night in Gotland (recs?)

Wake up in Gotland
2pm leave Gotland -> Stockholm

Stay in Stockholm
Fly out of Stolkholm 9am :(

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I haven’t been to Sandhamn or the other archipelago islands that you are visiting so won’t comment on that part of the itinerary. I personally am not a fan of one night stays, but YMMV.

I also have no idea where ”Glindo” is and when I look at the Waxholmsbolaget route map ( )
I don’t see a ”Glindo” on the 16 line from Harö to change to get to Svartsö.

Check the timing on the day you are traveling from Svartsö. The ferry to Gotland departs from Nynäshamn. It takes about an hour to get from the Stockholm City station to Nynäshamn by the commuter train (pendeltåg). Make sure you have factored in enough time to get to Nynäshamn.

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Now looking at the Cinderella boat schedule, I am wondering if ”Glindo” was a typo and you actually meant ”Grinda”.

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Is this a trip later this month? Unfortunately there is very much shoulder season in the archipelago so the ferry schedules have been reduced. And apart from Sandhamn, the islands you plan to visit are not densely populated.

Had you been here a bit earlier a better way to get to Gotland would in my opinion be the ferry direct to Nynäshamn, but that is a summer only route. Now via Stockholm is the only way (apart from boat taxis).

Two nights on Gotland means I suggest you focus on Visby, it's a charming town and plenty of things to do for two nights. Gotlands museum should not be missed in my opinion.

Also curious how easy it is to find 'last minute' travel between
islands with water taxis?

Very easy. I'd recommend as they have a smaller boat and is a bit cheaper. But still, taxi boats are not cheap.

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This is my first post on here, what a lovely outpouring of input thank you all. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Rick Steve's community is full of helpful kind people.

Apologies, 'Glindo' is not a place haha I was trying to decipher my wife's handwriting, you all are right it is indeed Grinda.

I agree, 1 night stays are always a little tough and make for a more 'frantic' style of travel but we are both antsy people and want to see what we can.

We have a friend in Gotland with whom we are staying and want to experience a specific restaurant in Svartso ( hence all of the moving around!