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Suggestions for Uppsala from Stockholm and Visby ferry from Stockholm

Part of our trip is through the Swedish interior with a rental car. I only want a rental when I need it.

Anyone taken a day trip to Uppsala using rail, bus or other public transport?

Also I'm considering a ferry to Visby, again prior to renting a car. Any advice on getting to the ferry port for Visby from Stockholm would be helpful. I'm thinking after ferrying back to the mainland, we would pick up a rental to explore some smaller towns on the way to Gothenburg.

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In May we took the train from central Stockholm to Uppsala, the Commuter city train. It took about an hour or so because it made frequent stops. But we enjoyed our conversations with the locals on our trip. Uppsala is very interesting and gives a flavor of a town versus the bigger city. I can't help with your other question.
Enjoy! Sweden is an interesting place to visit.

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The Swedish rail website ( shows nine departures for Uppsala between 8 AM and 10 AM for next Wednesday. Travel time is 40 minutes to just under an hour. I didn't check for buses.

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Uppsala is easily reached by train. I’ve visited it as a day trip (although it has been years).

The Visby ferry can be booked here:

When I went to Visby, I took the commuter train (pendeltåg) from Stockholm which takes about an hour. The ferry dock is just a short walk from the train. It looks as though there is also a bus transfer offered by the ferry company which leaves from Cityterminalen.

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From Stockholm to Uppsala the train is the best option. You have a choice between commuter trains and regional trains. The commuter trains are slower and a bit spartan, but stop at a couple of stations in Stockholm which can be an advantage. The regional trains are faster and a bit more comfortable but only stop at the central station. Regarding what to do and see in Uppsala, Wikivoyage has a good article about the city:

From Stockholm to Nynäshamn, either buy a transfer bus ticket when you buy the ferry tickets, or take the commuter train.

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Thank you for the article.

I'll be using the transfer bus to/from Stockholm center for the Gotland ferry. It seems like a good option.