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Stockholm to Tallin overnight boat


If anyone has experience with this boat, two questions: first, if my husband and I reserve a cabin that holds from 1 to 4 people, do we have the cabin to ourselves, or can the boat put an additional 2 people in the cabin? Second, is it worth it to pay more for an outside cabin? Any thoughts are appreciated.


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I took this ferry (on Tallink Silja Line) in 2012.

If you reserve a cabin, you get the entire cabin. They will not assign other people to your cabin.

On their web site, when reserving a cabin, you'll see an option for "Special Cabins and Shared Places." If you want to share your space with others, that's where you can look.

As for paying more for one particular cabin class over another, I think this is no different from selecting a hotel room. If you are willing to spend more for a better/nicer room, go for it. If you'd prefer to spend your travel budget on other activities, go with the least expensive room that you feel you'd be comfortable in.

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We have been on the Silja line too, but not overnight. Depending on the time of year your "view" from an outside window on an overnight trip could be of nothing more than darkness. There are plenty of viewing points on these ferries. They are like small cruise ships with multiple levels, many different types of restaurants and bars, and duty-free stores. It will be a fun and memorable way to travel. Tallinn is just lovely, so I hope you get to spend some time there.

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Unless you are claustrophobic and dread being in a cabin with no windows, I see no value in having an outside cabin view. Plan to spend the early evening on deck watching the archipelago and having dinner. Then it gets dark and you won't see anything anyway. Be awake and on deck for the arrival into Tallinn, though it is not that dramatic.

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You pay for the cabin (unless you book beds in a shared space).

I'd always gotten a windowless room on ferry trips in the Baltic, but last year I got a cabin with a window on a trip from Helsinki to Stockholm and it was quite pleasant to be able to look out the window in the morning as we came into the city. I traveled in summer and the A class cabin was only slightly more than a B class cabin.