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Stockholm to Pitea

We are planning a RS 14 day tour of Scandinavia next July or August, 2019. Before the tour, we'd like to take a side trip up north to Pitea. Has anyone made that trip from Stockholm? Did you rent a car or take a train? Any recommendations on accommodations? As long as we are in Sweden, we wanted to check out the town where my husband family immigrated from many years ago.
Thanks for any insight you might shed on this subject.

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I have not been to Piteå, but it is a really long drive or train ride. Rather than flying into Stockholm, you might see if you could start your trip by flying into Luleå. You’d probably connect at Arlanda, but you’d save some travel time. From Luleå, it would be a short drive to Piteå. You could then make your way down the coast (either by car or train or a combo) to Stockholm before you start your trip.

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I wouldn't drive to Piteå from Stockholm, it is probably around 12 hours of driving. The easiest way to get there is to take the overnight train or fly to Luleå, and once you are in Luleå, Piteå is just a short bus ride away.

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Thank you for that advice. I will be checking flights to Lulea from Stockholm. It really puts the distances into perspective and will continue on with research and planning. Thanks again!