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Stockholm pass & Stockholm travel card

Is it worth it to get both the Stockholm pass and the travelcard? It seems like a lot of money for only two days: for four of us it would cost approximately $465 for both cards. I ordered the new Rick Steves Scandinavia book, but it doesn't come for another few weeks, and to get the 10% discount, I have to order the cards today... Many thanks for any advice!

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I suggest that you do a search in this Forum for "Stockholm card" and "Stockholm pass" and read the various opinions. I suspect you'll get a wider set of views immediately, rather than waiting for posters to throw in their 2 cents when they see your post sometime in the future. For our part, we bought the Pass when we were there last July and it was "worth it" for us. Mostly because my spouse is a mover, not a sitter. She likes to get as much done as I will put up with. We took 2 different boat cruises in one day, used the HOHO transport and went to many palaces and museums, etc. So, yes, we got our money's worth. But it required some time management and long days. Further suggest that you list the places you want to go in Stockholm etc. Then tally up the individual costs and compare to the Pass cost. And then ask yourself if you can really do all that in 2 days. Have fun it's a nice town.

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Hi Deb,
It all depends on how many of the sights and attractions your planning on seeing.

I've copied the text below from, as I think this is a relevant advice. This applies to three days and some of the most popular attractions:

"The totalt cost without Stockholm Pass would be roughly 200 USD. In comparison, buying a 3-day Stockholm Pass, with all these and many more attractions included, will cost about 125 USD."

To read the the whole text, please visit: