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Stockholm or. Copenhagen

The typical question of which city we should spend more time. I am still in the planning stages and cannot decide how to split my time between Stockholm , Gotland and Copenhagen .. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it. We were not planning on renting a car but if it is a necessity we will do it.

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Gotland isn't exactly comparable to the other two. Totally different experience.
I prefer Stockholm - more to do IMHO. Gamla Stan is hard to beat and the
museums are top notch, especially the Vasa museum.

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I spent four days in each city this summer and loved them both! I took the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm, which was super easy. For the most part I was able to reach all my destinations by foot (besides the airports). I enjoyed Copenhagen more but that's just my preference. I thought four days in each city was the perfect amount of time and even used one day to take a day trip outside the city. I would think a minimum of two-three full days in each city would be enough.

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I prefer Copenhagen but both are pretty awesome. Take out Gotland and split the time between Stockholm & Copenhagen

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If limited to 8 nights I would opt to skip Gotland and split my time between Stockholm and Copenhagen. If I was to overweight one or the other I would give Copenhagen the edge though it is close. I love both cities but favor Copenhagen due to interesting and easy day trips (Roskilde, Kronborg castle, Frederiksborg castle etc.

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We were in both cities this past summer. Copenhagen is good for about two days max. We did two side trips but didn't find them all that interesting...perhaps because we've been in similar places elsewhere. It was my second trip to Stockholm and I would give it the nod for more time. Museums are great and we spent a day taking the ferry in the archipelago. We spent two days in Gotland but one of those was also a ferry trip through the archipelago. Gotland has a nice older town area and central park that is very enjoyable but if your time is limited, I would focus on Copenhagen and Stockholm.