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Stockholm for picky eaters


I am the only person in my family that eats seafood and is adventurous about eating such fare as reindeer, rabbit, Bear, etc. Does anyone have any strong referrals to restaurants that will be accommodating to them but still allow me to fulfill my own gastronomic needs? 🤗 We are staying very central and not too concerned about cost.


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This is a tricky question. The rest of the family, what do they actually eat? And when is this trip?

A few ideas that popped up though are Grand Hotel, they serve a nice smörgåsbord that will allow you to be adventurous while the rest of the family stick to meatballs. You can also consider Den Gyldene Freden, founded in 1722 is the oldest restaurant in Sweden and one of the oldest in the world. They serve S.O.S. as a starter if you want some traditional Swedish food, but also meatballs for the rest of the family.

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We arrive Stockholm June 13.

The wife is a little OCD so avoids food with odd names or emotional ties. So yes to polenta but no to cheese grits casserole, even though are basically the same thing. :) And yes to steak but no to veal steak. Lots of chicken and turkey which apparently don’t exist in Sweden. The kids are getting better but just basically picky kids.

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June isn't really game season so I don't know how easy it is to find that.

Chicken is very common and not hard to find in restaurants. Turkey on the other hand does exist, but isn't very common and rarely found in restaurants.

Slingerbulten in Gamla stan can be a good option as well. They mostly serve traditional Swedish food for lunch, and sometimes have game on the menu. But is also a good place to find delicacies like isterband, kalops or raggmunk.

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I'm not particularly proud of this but we ate at MAX Burgers a lot in Stockholm. We tend to eat a good lunch later in the day and by the time we were hungry, there wasn't much open. There was one near our hotel and we could pop over and get something to nibble on. It's like a McDonalds. You order at a kiosk with pictures which eliminates any language issues. They have a great variety of beef, chicken and plant-based burgers. I loved the halloumi cheese sandwich. It's fast., clean, cheap and it feels familiar.

Also, we happily ate what was the speciality of the day at restaurants. Lots of meatballs if they like them. The best reindeer we had was a hot dog at a food truck.