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Stockholm Airport Connection

My nephew asked me what I thought about his flying from Oslo to Stockholm (ARN), and One Hour and Forty Minutes Later (!) catching a Stockholm to Chicago flight.

My answer was that I think it's possible, but I personally would be pretty stressed thinking about trying it.
What are your opinions?

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If this is all on SAS, 1:40 is sufficient.

If he is travelling on a budget carrier like Norwegian and then switching to his SAS flight, then that could be a problem. If his first flight arrives late and he misses his transatlantic flight then he risks having to buy a new ticket.

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As Laura is saying, would this be on one ticket or two separate tickets? If one ticket, it's fine. On two separate tickets, one has to feel lucky to take the chance. If he's on separate tickets and misses the flight out of Stockholm for any reason, he's out of luck. If he's on one ticket and misses the connection because the flight from Oslo is delayed, the airline is responsible for getting him to Chicago.

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Thanks for the input, Laura, Harold.

He will have two separate tickets, and I am encouraging him to find some other way to visit Grandma in Oslo and still get to ARN with a reasonable connection time.

I am one of those people who is in the gate area for an international flight four hours ahead; one hour forty would have my heart rate at about 100 for the whole day before.