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St. Peter Line Disembarkment from Stockholm

Wondering if anyone took the Anastasia Ferry from St. Peter Line and if you can tell me how long it took to get off the ferry with your luggage intact.
We are trying to catch a flight at Arlanda Airport right after the 4 day cruise.

Thank you!

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Hi Alan, On your other post you said, The ship arrives at 8am and we are trying to get to the Arlanda Airport and depart on an 11:30am flight to Copenhagen. Any taxi info from the port would also be helpful.

First, have you already bought your St Peter Line ticket? If not, you might want to consider flying from Helsinki to Copenhagen.

First a caveat … I haven’t arrived to Stockholm on the St Peter Line; however, I lived in Stockholm for two years and have flown out of Arlanda dozens of times, have arrived to the Frihamnen port on other ships, and took the St Peter Line last year between Helsinki and St Petersburg.

The big question will be whether the ship arrives on time. I can’t help you here. I don’t know how timely the ship is for arrival. You are cutting it really close.

Arrival to Stockholm: St Peter Line arrives to the Frihamnen port. At least 30 minutes before you are scheduled to arrive, I’d suggest you be near the exit so you can be one of the first people to disembark. Over the course of your journey, you will notice that people gather near the exit before the ship arrives in the port so they can get off quickly. I’m not sure what you mean by “with luggage intact” as you carry your own luggage with you when you disembark. Normally, when you arrive in Stockholm from Helsinki there is no passport control. I’ve only arrived on Viking and Silja lines, so don’t know if they treat St Peter Line differently since it travels via St Petersburg. If you have to go through passport control, that will really slow you down as you will have to go through the non EU line.

Taxi: Taxis in Stockholm are unregulated, so it is important to use one of the reliable companies. I normally use Taxi Stockholm, but Taxi Kurir and Taxi 020 are also reliable. You can book a journey to Arlanda in advance (check their website) or by phone by calling +46 8 150000 for Taxi Stockholm. You should ask for a fixed price as the taxis will offer that for a journey to Arlanda and the price should be around 600 SEK or so. I think there is a surcharge for getting picked up at the port. The taxi journey to Arlanda will take 45 minutes to an hour from Frihamnen port.

Trevlig Resa.

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Thank you Laura,
Your info is very helpful. We will likely line up early to disembark in Stockholm and try to catch the flight from Arlanda.

I realize it may be a close call.

Do you know if we would have to go through a non EU passport control coming off the St. Peter Line?

Your idea to fly from Helsinki was a very interesting idea... we are giving it some thought too.
Your taxi info is greatly appreciated, we will take your advice on one of your taxi recommendations... Thank you again!

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When you arrive to Helsinki on the St Peter Line from St Petersburg, you definitely go through passport control ... non EU line for American citizens. It took us quite a while to get through passport control last year.

When you travel by ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm on the Viking or Silja lines you do not go through passport control. I don't know if there is anything different with St Peter Line.