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sleeping with 3 hours of darkness?

What are your best tips for sleeping in Sweden when there is so much daylight? What works best for everyone?

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It may depend on where you're sleeping. Most hotels have darkness shades. If not, get some eye shades. We were in Sweden in July (long days) and never had a problem sleeping, just because it's 'daylight' it doesn't mean the sun is shining in your eyes.

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I was in St. Petersburg, Russia during "White Nights" and had no trouble sleeping. Just lowered the shades and slept. When your body clock determines that it's time to sleep, you will sleep through the night.

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I lived in Sweden for two years and didn't find the light to be a problem because I could just close the blinds. If you are really sensitive to light, then you might want to bring an eyemask in case your hotel doesn't have room darkening shades.

For me, the bigger problem was the birds. I usually slept with the window open and the birds start singing when the sun comes up which is around 3:30am in Stockholm in June.

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I've found it's harder to adjust to the long nights of winter than the short nights of summer. I was in northern Finland last summer, and because I was doing a lot of hiking, I was tired enough to fall asleep at a decent hour.

But on a ski trip to Åre in central Sweden, waking up in the morning was significantly more difficult.

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Sounds like you have several good tips to work with.

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Thanks everyone, it sounds like i don't need to worry about sleep! I am sure our feet will be tired.

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And it not bright sunlight at night. More of a dull glow or like late evening in the US.