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Shane / SE Sweden Car Rental and

  1. Would appreciate input regarding car rental likely pick up and return in Malmo area.
    Especially interested in experience with Kiosks (Hertz only has Kiosks in Malmo area) How Kiosks work.
    OR a recommendation of a rental car company that has actual office with Agents on site.
    We've rented in other countries and always appreciate having someone to talk with about the rental.

  2. Has anyone golfed in SE Sweden? They have several courses. We are seeking information regarding public - Pay for Play (rather than joining a club) and club rental on site. We don't seem to find this information on Golf course websites we've visited.

  3. Recommendation of places you stayed and liked. We are mostly looking at the area between Malmo and Kalmar - coast and agricultural areas.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can share on these topics.

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Re golf, I know a bit about the clubs around Falsterbo/Vellinge/Trelleborg if you have specific courses in mind. Send me a PM if necessary.

Otherwise, this could be a good place to look. You can check courses and also see if club rentals are available etc.
You can probably also email clubs directly and ask for information if there are clubs you are interested in visiting.

Between Malmö and Kalmar there are lots of nice areas to visit. I'd pick out Ystad, nearby Ales Stenar, Österlen (Simrishamn, Kivik), Karlshamn and Karlskrona. The coast is really beautiful, but options away from the coast would be Lund, Bosjökloster too.

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I'm not sure who Shane is, but it would be helpful with a bit more information. What are you planning to do? Often in Sweden it can be a good idea to avoid the large international car rental chains.

I don't play golf so I can't help you with golf courses. But there are many lovely places worth a stop between Malmö and Kalmar. Anything particular you're looking for?

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  1. The Hertz popup for kiosks says "The credit card must be equipped with a chip and a 4-digit pincode and must belong to the renter/main driver". I think the popup was written in a more non-EU unfriendly way previously. Personally I would prefer counter service, I don't know what happens if the kiosk has a breakdown. The problem with Hertz is that they have many offices with both counter and kiosks but they aren't very clear about it and only show the opening hours of the kiosk. The one outside Malmö central station (Lokgatan 16) is open Mon-Fri 7-18 and Sat 9:30-14. Sixt also has an office there. Avis/Budget is just a little further away.

  2. No, but I found some lists:
    Pay & Play in Skåne:
    Pay & Play in Blekinge:
    Club rentals in Skåne:

  3. Karlskrona with the city center on an island and archipelago.

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Thanks for all the information, fellow travelers.
We generally use Hertz overseas, have watched the video on how to use the Kiosk. but are open minded about maybe looking for a different company. We too prefer Counter Service.
Auto correct changed Skane to Shane.
We will take a look at the golf information - we appreciate the links (pun intended).

We have wide ranging interests and are always like learning what others have enjoyed.
We plan to see Ales Stenar, have identified a couple Glass Factory sites, the Absolut factory, a couple garden areas, and beaches. We have accommodations so far sort of near Karlshamn and near Kalmar (we have interest in Oland Island)
Have a few more days to play with so maybe Lund and will examine golf locations mentioned and see if we will be near any of those before a PM. (appreciate the offer)
If anyone has other ideas, we'd love to hear them.
Thank you again.