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SAS RS Tour & Laundry

Hello, my son and I are going on the Rick Steves Scandinavia tour next summer. Wondering about others
who. have gone on this tour and the availability of doing my laundry? want to pack as little as possible.
(would I need a rain jacket, how cold was it near the water?)
Thanks for all the answers.

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I’ve not been on this tour, but on the 5 tours I have been on there was always a laundry opportunity. The guides are good about pointing these out. I did spend two weeks in Norway last summer.

Yes, to the rain jacket. Do not leave home without one. It doesn’t need to be bulky, but it should be waterproof. I would have a sweater or light fleece I could layer under the jacket if I were feeling cold.

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Good info from Carol.
I was on the Scandinavian tour this past August. I used a laundromat in Copenhagen that was listed in the RS guidebook, and the hotel the tour stayed at had a page in their info book with instructions about that laundromat, too. Unfortunately, there were signs inside that said they were closing at the end of 2013. A local person I chatted with inside was not happy.

I usually use the internet, and the RS guidebook before a trip to find likely possibilities. As often as not, the one I find is the same one the tour guide suggests.

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Regarding the rain jacket, yes, have one. Focus on layers, have one or two long sleeve shirts, or a fleece jacket, in case it gets cool, then you can limit a rain jacket to a thin waterproof shell. It folds up to almost nothing, weighs almost nothing, but will keep you dry, or serve as a windbreaker if it gets breezy.

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Bergen is one of Europe's wettest cities, and summer isn't an exception to that weather pattern. Scroll down for the climate-summary chart in its Wikipedia entry:

I'd be prepared for some rain at other tour stops as well.