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RS Countryside on the Scandinavia tours?

We're looking at tours from several companies. The RS tour appears to have almost daily 3+ hour bus trips as well as almost daily hotel changes. If you have taken this tour recently, can you please comment on your experiences? I am also interested in how much non-urban experience was available, beyond staring from a bus window.

All thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

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If you're looking for countryside experiences, it is also very easy to arrange a trip on your own.

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I just returned from the Scandinavian tour, and thought it was a great way to see Scandinavia.

Bus time is unavoidable when covering so much area, but there are frequent stops to visit waterfalls and other scenic views, and we had picnics outdoors a number of times. There were a number of boat and ferry rides.

The cities are all on the water, and feel less urban than most cities. I didn't feel the tour leaned urban. I get the annoyance with one night stops, but most stops on the tour are 2 nights.