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Round abouts and driving

renting a car and I see my route has a lot of roundabouts. Who has the right of way? the person in the roundabout or the one entering? Thanks
Also can you make a right on red?

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The person on the roundabout has priority over the person entering. That's what makes roundabouts work, the other way around, you would keep getting gridlock.
As you approach a roundabout, you slow down so you can merge into the traffic already on the roundabout. if it works, you don't have to stop.

Never right on red. Unless there is a special green arrow traffic light or sign.

If you are planning to drive in any country you have never driven in before, you need to research the road rules and the road signs first. It is your duty to know the law, ignorance of the law is no defence.

One place to look is here:
This is the British Automobile Association. It is written for British drivers, so it explains the differences between each country and British rules, for example it doesn't mention you can't turn right on red, as you can't do that in the UK or any other European country. But it is worth reading.

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Have you Googled driving in Sweden? If you do that, you should find some helpful information.

This should give you a start.

And this roundabout pdf in English. You will have to download it.

And this article about road signs. Note that this does not have any citations. You can also Google Sweden-Road-Traffic-Signs.pdf to download a perhaps more official list.

I'm sure there's much more to learn.

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They're building roundabouts here in Wisconsin like crazy. Initially people hate them and go out of their way to avoid them. Then they learn the rules (still on that learning curve) and accept them, and after they notice the reduction in congestion, time spent waiting at stop lights and the number of T-bone crashes, love them.

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while there are rules with roundabouts, like most things reality kicks in. (eg: the size of the round about and how people use them who may not want to follow rules)
its all about judgement. often you have to judge who ( that might hit you) is moving the fastest , thats who you give way to. eg: you might have arrived at a round about, but if the person on your left ( assuming its europe) is coming into a small roundabout and travelling fast, its better to let them go than assume you have the right away ( because you were there first) particularly on a small round about and you can't necessarily take off faster than the person 'flying' into the round about.
on large round abouts things are often easier than smaller ones.
also if you aren't real sure about where you are going ( when on the round about), just keep going around. no problem.
generally I have found no problem in europe ( we have just done another 3000kms in 6 countries, in the last month, with weeks to go) drivers are generally pretty good at giving others drivers a fair go.
I hope this helps

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Thanks , all! and yes, i will read up on the signs and rules.

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Don't be too concerned - cars in the roundabout have the right of way . Use your signals and keep your wits , you will be fine . If you miss your exit , just keep circling until you are sure , then signal and move toward the exit . Just think , this good practice for when you drive in the UK ;---)