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Rentals in Stockholm

I am interested in renting a place in Stockholm for a few days in mid-June. I am checking on the usual sites but I was wondering if the Rick Steve’s community might have some recommendations. Thanks so much for any help!

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Best to tell us how many people you are trying to house.

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I live in Stockholm so if you give me some More details about your plans, your company etc I might have some advice.
My daughter who’s studying works extra at an hotel in the town centre. If you are looking for an hotel I would say they often have good prices and it’s just been renovated so looks quite fancy I’d say. And a big breakfast buffe is always included!
When I have stayed I think I’ve payed around 1000 SEK (think that’s around $100 maybe a bit more). That’s for a double room.

But obviously there are lots of other options, both hotels, really good hostels (chapman is a nice one) and people letting there apartments via Airbnb etc.

So let me know some more of your plans and requirements and then I might me able to give better advice.