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rain during July-August 14-day tour

Kinds and amounts of rain? Sprinkles that can be handled with an umbrella? Downpour-or-soaker that lasts and requires raincoat or waterproof poncho?

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I never travel anywhere in the world without a good rain jacket and a travel size umbrella. I also have never given any thought to my shoes, waterproof or not. It can rain anywhere, any time.

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I also carry a lightweight waterproof rain jacket with a hood. My latest is Royal Robbins Oakham. Currently marked down on Amazon. It folds into a pocket. We usually travel late August through September. We've encountered mostly drizzle. I don't bring an umbrella. Figure if I need one I could buy there.

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Describe the rain in Atlanta for July and August. Now substitute the word Sweden and you are close enough to actual.

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We were in Sweden last month. One Swedish guide told us that it doesn't rain a lot. It is either snow or nothing.

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I spent 3 weeks in Sweden in July and August and not a drop of rain. However that was several years ago and we were only in the southern half of the country. And, it's just one person's experience. Look up more recent historical weather records to get a better idea. Historically July and August are the driest months.

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I was on the RS Scandinavia tour last year mid-August. It was dry, pretty warm and sunny (I even wore a sundress on a few days) until we got to Bergen. Bergen was cool-ish but dry in the first half of the day. Sometime in the early afternoon, we had downpours on both days. The hotels usually provide big umbrellas for guests — you will see people carrying them around.

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Karen, I cannot belive such a shallow question.

Did you ever recognize the size of Sweden?
Did you recognize that so far in the North there is a major difference between July 1 and August 31? It changes from Midnight Sun to Northern Lights in the far North.
Did you ever check topography which plays a major role in quantity and quality of rain depending on wind conditions?

The kind of rain is very different in the various combinations.

Just as indicator:

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Thank you all for sharing your experience and best counsel. Karen