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Post-conference touring options around Stockholm

My wife is attending an international medical conference in Stockholm this September and I get to tag along. The organizers (always doctors from the host country that year) do a fantastic job of showing off their country and local culture. The last one was in Switzerland and we had simply an amazing time.

The itinerary has us spending three days in Stockholm and then another 2.5 days in Visby. We will arrive in Stockholm a day early and also have two days at the end of the trip on our own. It is these days for which I am seeking some guidance.

So far, Uppsala seems the best additional stop to visit given its proximity to the airport. Are there any other smaller towns I should consider or, given the time limitations, should I simply spend more time in Stockholm? I am sure trips will be organized to the Vasa museum and a couple other must do sites in Stockholm as part of the conference.

For background, my wife and I love exploring a place in depth and I, in particular love wandering around with my camera. We will not be renting a car.

Thanks in advance!

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There are many options, but Uppsala is a very good choice. My suggestion would be to spend the two days in Uppsala and explore Uppsala in depth, and maybe do a day trip somewhere (Öregrund can be a good option).

It's great that you get to experience Visby as well, it is a very beautiful town and very good for "wandering around with a camera".

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I hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to ask any questions you have about Uppsala, but I have to leave you with one recommendation. Uppsala English Bookshop, a great little bookshop specializing in selling books in English, including a good selection of translated Scandinavian authors.