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Please help with travel itinerary

I am looking for recommendations/help on my travel itinerary.
I will be visiting Sweden for the first time. Flying into/out of Stockholm.

We plan to visit family in Karlskoga and go to midsummer festivities in Dalarna area. These are the only dates and locations set in stone in addition to flight arrival/departure dates.
Is Visby worth the time to go for such a short trip? Am I missing other notable places along the route?
How would you fill in the days in-between and what route would you take visiting other towns along the way?
Any advice is welcomed and appreciated! Itinerary ideas below.....
Thanks in advance!

6/14 arrive Stockholm late afternoon - train to hotel, dinner, walk around Galma Stan. (Staying @ Hotel in GAMLA STAN 3 nights)
6/15 Stockholm- morning: Galma Stan walking tour, Stortorget, Nobel Prize museum, Stockholm Cathedral. afternoon: Royal Palace
6/16 Stockholm - Morning: Djurgarden &all museums afternoon: archipelago tour or Fotografiska tour?
6/17 Drottningholm Palace? City Hall. Overnight where??? Sigtuna/Vasteras??? go to Visby??? Worth it?
6/18 how to fill this day?
6/19 drive to Karlskoga - Nobel museum. overnight with family in Karlskoga
6/20 Karlskoga - Activities to do in or near Karlskoga? overnight with family in Karlskoga
6/21 drive to Laknas for Midsommer festivities stop in Orebro along the way. overnight @ air&b
6/22 Laknas -Midsommer festivities overnight @ air&b
6/23 drive back to Stockholm via Avesta, Upsalla. overnight in Stockholm, Upsalla or Sigtuna?
6/24 Stockholm -
6/25 depart

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If I've done the maths correct you have 11 nights in total and want to visit Stockholm, Karlskoga, Örebro and Laknäs/Tällberg.

To answer your questions, no Visby is not worth the detour for such a short trip. You don't have the time. And yes, you are missing many notable places, but that is to be expected.

I see that you mention Västerås, why? It's hardly a high priority in my opinion and I don't recommend spending a night there. Or any time at all to be honest. But if you're coming from Dalarna, spending the last night(s) in Uppsala (note the spelling) is not a bad idea. From Uppsala there are frequent trains and buses to Arlanda. Any particular reason for visiting Örebro? It's not a town I would plan my trip around, but can be a nice stop if you are in the area.

You won't be able to see all museums on Djurgården before lunch. You'll be able to see one, or get an overview of two maybe. And regarding what to do in the free time you have, it would be helpful if you told us about your interests a bit. But I hope you have a plan for Karlskoga, because two nights there might be a bit much. There is the Nobel museum and the site of the old courthouse where the Nobel prize was created. And a cute church. But that is what I can think about at the moment.

And you really should reconsider renting a car for this. Take the train from Stockholm to Karlskoga (i.e. train to Degerfors and then a short bus ride to Karlskoga). That will save you a bit of time and a boring drive. Then it's an easy bus ride to Örebro and after that you can continue by train Örebro-Tällberg and later Tällberg-Uppsala Or rent a car for a few days in Dalarna if you need one there.

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I really enjoyed my visit to Orebro in 2022. It has a biennial outdoor art (sculpture) festival with installations scattered around. OpenArt runs June 15 to September 8 this year. It helps if you like quirky sculpture, though. However, there's a great deal of art in Stockholm you're apparently not planning to see, so Orebro might not be the best choice for you.

Visby is great, but the ferry takes a lot of time (not departing from central Stockholm), and hotels there are expensive if you can even find a room in the summer.

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Even if you're not a big art fan, the castle and Wadköping can make Örebro worth a stop.