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Parking in Stockholm old town

We are traveling to Sweden for the first time in April. We are picking up our Volvo car and driving to Stockholm. I have been checking into Airbnb in Galma Stan. The parking situation seems difficult and complicated. My guess also expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions for us. Should we leave the car someplace and take public transportation into that area? Where do you leave a car for a couple of days. Will be getting in on a Wednesday and leaving on Saturday. Any help is much appreciated!!

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One other option that might work better given your circumstances ...

You might want to see if you can find a hotel with parking in one of the close in suburbs (e.g., Nacka, Solna, etc.). Public transportation is excellent. I spent two years in Stockholm, never had a car, commuted to my work location in the suburbs daily, and got everywhere that I needed to be on public transit. If you find a hotel with parking, I will be happy to comment on the location and point you to transit options.

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Do you need a car?

If you arrive in the airport, pick up your Volvo and drive to Stockholm you are asking for trouble. Take the train to Stockholm and pick up your Volvo when you leave the city.

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Thanks to all that responded. Through your posts and further research, for now, I decided that we would visit Stockholm at the end of our trip and made reservations at the Hilton Slaussen which has valet parking. It will cost us a bit more but given we will be in a new car it will be worth it. I am also checking into returning the car early then going on to Stockholm via train and then back to Gothenburg to fly out. Had not thought of that option but sounds like it might be the best. Again, thanks to all. Our first time there and do not want to have it be stressful!

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How did your plan work, to stay in a Hilton with parking and commute into the city? We are picking up a rental car at the airport, and will be spending a couple days in Stockholm before traveling to southern Sweden, and I am wondering about where to park our rental car...?

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2lynnoliver, it’s the Hilton Slussen. 😉 We’re doing the exact same as you, just staying at a different hotel. Thought of Airbnbing it in the burbs but didn’t want to spend the time commuting - much better to ‘commute’ a few meters to a coffee shop in the morning. The drive from Stockhom to Göteborg has some nice places to stop along the way for a pleasant walk along a lake. Much better than taking the train back and forth!