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What would you recommend packing for a May trip to Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway? I am only taking a backpack and carry-on suit-case.

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Weather can vary very much that time of year. I would say it’s usually very nice in May, lots of sun and a real spring-feel in the air! I love May in Sweden!
But - you could very well get both rain and some cold weather, especially at nighttime. So make sure you have a couple of warm jumpers and a jacket that can resist some rain. Maybe two warm jumpers (not bulky, just warm), one vest ( the type that folds up into nothing, like Sara M has in her day bag) and one rain jacket/anorak or similar. Doesn’t have to take a thunderstorm, just stand for a bit of rain (and not be too warm in case it’s raining for one hour and then the sun comes out again).

For bottoms I would have leggings with dresses and mostly full length pants, but you might want to have some sort of shorts, shorter skirts or capris pants. It can be very nice and warm when the sun is out in May.