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Outdoor activities in Gothenburg in December

We will be in Gothenburg in December and want to enjoy the outdoors. Do you have suggestions of things to do this time of year outside the Christmas activities that we are already planning. There is a lot of information on them but not other ideas.

Thank you.

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Can you please share your itinerary with me? I am meeting my 20 year old daughter in Copenhagen on New Year's Eve and I will fly out of Stockholm on January 11. We planned this trip three months ago and then three weeks ago I had surgery to remove a large tumor from my spinal cord. My doctor says I will be able to still take my trip but any physical fun like skiing is out. Plus no heavy carrying - so a bit limited - but we can still have fun. Ideas from your planning on fun things we can do would be very appreciated.

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We are not traveling around so we don't have much of an itinerary. We are in Gothenburg for a conference. We are planning day trips but are limited. Sorry I'm not sure we will be much help.

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Gothenburg is not known for great weather in december, so are you really sure you want to spend much time outdoors?

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We just got back from our week in Gothenburg. We had a blast! We spent several days roaming the city. One day we rented a bike from the City's borrow system. There are kiosk stops around the city. You pay a fee and then ride from one to the other. Then walk around an area filled with shops and sites. Then borrow another bike. Great way to see the city! The Christmas markets were so festive! Lisburg was all light up for the holidays.

We drove down to Copenhagen for a day. It was a 3 hour trip one way but it's a beautiful city and worth the time. Another day we drove north to see Bohus Fortress and the small sailing island of Marstrand. We walked around the island and through the paths in the woods. It was beautiful!

We also took a Traditional Christmas dinner cruise (at lunch time so we could see the sights) around the southern Archipelagos. It was a great way to eat Traditional Swedish foods and to see the islands around the city.

All in all it was a fabulous trip! The weather remained between 1 degree to 3 degrees each day. (30-35 degrees F). We wore a jacket, gloves, hat and scarf everywhere we went and were fine. It was a great adventure for us all round!

Have fun and bundle up and you will be fine.