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Oslo to Gothenberg with Norway Rail Pass

I will be traveling with a Norway Eurail Pass. Part of my trip will be a train from Oslo to Gothenberg in Sweden. However, it is not cost effective for me to have a select pass when my only multi country travel includes this one way trip. I attempted to use the ticket purchase link here to see what the extra Sweden part of the trip would cost me. While it showed me the trip, there was nothing to select for the incremental price. While I intend to do the incremental purchase when I am there, I wanted to use the link to price out what it would cost me. Anybody know what that extra cost from the border to Gothenberg might be? Also, where would I purchase the extra for Sweden? Oslo before boarding, or at the destination?

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You must buy the extra ticket before boarding the train in Oslo; OK to buy it earlier in the trip at probably any train station, such as when you first have the pass activated (the same goes for seat reservations). I'd expect about $50 per person, but Swedish prices have many variables. Or, you can get a 4-country Scandinavia pass for only $30 more per person and be fully covered.

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Thanks Laura. It didn't even occur to me to look at the Scandinavia pass, thinking that the minimum six day, Norway/Sweden/Denmark select pass was my only option other than the one country pass. So many variables!

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The general rule is you need to buy the ticket from the last station the train stops at in Norway. This may be a different stop depending on which train you take; and if it is a non-stop train, the "last station in Norway" may be Oslo! So you need to look at the stops for whichever train you want, and then look up the price from that station to Gothenberg. You would need to buy this ticket latest before you got on the train, either at Oslo station or earlier on-line.