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One Day In Stockholm Before Cruise

We will have one free day in Stockholm before our Baltic cruise, any suggestions? Also hotel suggestions would be appreciated. We are two senior ladies and would like safe, clean, mid-range and centrally located accommodations. Thank you in advance.

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We stayed at the Mornington Hotel. City center, great breakfast, very nice hotel.
If there is one thing not to miss in Stockholm it is the Vasa museum. It is spectacular.
We also had a great time at the Abba museum, lots of laugh and very close to the Vasa.
Stockholm was my favorite city on our Baltic cruise, we had 2 days prior the cruise and 2 days after.
Would definetely go back.

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If I had only one day in Stockholm, I would see Gamla Stan and maybe go to the palace, if open. Then I would go to Skansen, which will give a sense of Sweden’s past social history regarding domestic history.

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The Vasa museum should not be missed in my opinion. Also, Gamla stan is worth some time. Apart from that it depends on what you are interested in.

Regarding hotels, Gamla stan or Södermalm are good areas to consider. Or if you want something a bit special and not just a standard hotel, Af Chapman (yes, it says hostel but they have some hotel style rooms as well.

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Our Swedish friends recommended our hotel, Hasselbacken on Djurgarden Island home of many of Stockholm’s museums including VASA.
There also was a small ferry in front of the hotel that goes over to old town, Gamla Stan. It is part of the Scandic hotel chain, and offers a huge buffet breakfast. I think you would enjoy it there. We have recommended it to many of our friends and reactions have been positive. We spent a week there.

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Hasselbacken is not what I would call centrally located. It is close to Skansen, the amusement park Gröna Lund and a couple of museums. There are some restaurants in the area, and the hotel has a restaurant famous for its potatoes. But apart from that the options in the area are limited. However, if you don't mind that and prefer to stay somewhere "calmer" to get away from the city noise, Hasselbacken is a good option. And apart from the ferry stop there is a tram stop just outside the hotel so it is pretty well connected.

The huge buffet breakfast is pretty much a standard feature on all Swedish hotels and you will not find an unsafe hotel in Stockholm.

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I can only second the above. Stay in Gamla Stan - it's so beautiful. I stayed in a hostel that might no longer be in business, or moved, but every morning we made the short walk to the Main Square (Stortorget) and had breakfast at Kaffekoppen, which is the red building on the square. I had a bowl of hot chocolate (not a mug, a bowl) and a cinnamon roll as big as my head. Wonderful. If you can only do one thing, visit the Vasa Museum. It's amazing and one of my favorite museums in Europe. If you have time, the Skansen is also great. You don't say when you'll be there. I visited in November, so it was bitter cold and a lot of the Skansen was closed, but we were still able to visit the baker and the glass blower. I'd love to go back in summer. I enjoyed the palace, but it's not as grand as others you may have seen. Also, I think parts of the palace were undergoing a multi-year renovation? But I can't be sure it's still ongoing, or if COVID affected its progress. Enjoy your time in Stockholm!