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Norway, Sweden and Denmark - arriving March 30 and departing April 10 2023

I am curious as to thoughts as to where to end my trip considering a big portion of it will occur 4/6-4/10 - Easter weekend? We are starting the trip in Norway and will end in either Stockholm or Copenhagen. My tickets are not booked and I realize I have a short window to do that.

We are not concerned with Monday 4/10 as we are travelling home that day regardless of departure city. I have done some internet research and spoken with colleagues and it seems like Stockholm may be more "open" during the holiday weekend (someone told me that's for sure true on Maundy Thursday). But I am wondering if, in general, it is more bustling than Copenhagen on Good Friday and Easter as well? If so, we may want to chance it a bit in Copenhagen on Thursday and spend Friday through Sunday in Stockholm.

I know it's last minute and I appreciate any advice! Thank you.

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I honestly don't know if any city is more lively in general. But they do not shut down as they do around Christmas so there will certainly be things to do in borth Stockholm and Copenhagen.