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No more passport checks for Sweden-bound trains from Copenhagen airport

FYI, as I know this came up some months ago - I just flew into Copenhagen last week and then took the train over to Sweden and there are no more passport checks before boarding the train.
There are still fences and police at the station in Hyllie (first stop in Sweden) but they were not actually checking passports, just observing the crowd. I assume they might check individuals from time to time as needed, but I didn't see them asking anyone among those that got off my train.
I guess it's still good practice to have your passport accessible just in case, but you don't need to have it in hand.

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Yes Sweden has officially ended the temporary id check on the border, so it is no longer necessary to change trains for the id check at Copenhagen airport station on the Sweden bound trains.

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I took the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm last Saturday, May 27th and when we entered Sweden, they came aboard and checked everyone's passport.

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Good to have a second report. Just as clarification, I was confirming that there was no longer a check before boarding the train at CPH airport. Previously you had to actually show your ID before even entering the platform area, now you don't.
It seems like there is still potential for spot checks once on the train or when getting off, so as mentioned, good to have your passport in a place you can easily get it if needed - my point was just that you don't need to actually have it out for a control check before boarding the train at the airport.