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Mosquitoes in June

Traveling from Umea across Sweden to Trondheim in early June. How much should I worry about mosquitoes?

Any suggestions on what to take with me that is lightweight and repels them?

And yes, I know Trondheim is in Norway.

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Get a box of individually-packaged wipes with either Picardin or DEET. Light, compact, and no problem with liquid rules.

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It really depends upon the year, 2023 was really bad around Uppsala and Lake Mälaren the worst I've seen in 16 years, especially around sunset trying to relax along the lake. It seems they mostly bite me around the face & ankles, so I wear longer not short socks & yes, unfortunately bug spray around hair line & wear a hat. I wondered if you meant clothing - in which case check out REI, they have bug repellent clothing that friends used in Africa, so should be light weight. I've been thinking about buying some pants just for hiking where there are ticks in the US. And it sounds like a fabulous trip anyway!

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Impossible to say. Last year was a good year for mosquitoes, i.e. a bad year for those that don't like them. 2022 on the other it wasn't really a problem at all. The early spring last year was good for the mosquitoes and based on that it will probably not be a good year for them this year. But who knows, things might change. And there are probably other factors as well.

And without knowing anything about your planned itinerary it is impossible to say anything as mosquites can be very local. But if they are a problem, just visit a pharmacy and you will have a good selection of products.