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Midsummer 2023 in Sweden


I am taking my cousins on a "Heritage Tour" to Sweden to see our ancestral villages and we are going over Midsummer in 2023. We have 2 possibilities and my distant cousins are saying "Choose what you wish". One option is to go to Öland and spend it there where my ancestors did not live, but where some of my distant cousins live now. I have been to Öland and really loved it. The 2nd option is to go to our tiny village in Småland, near Vimmerby. This is our ancestral home. My cousin still lives there and where I have visited in the past. We will end of going to both places during the trip, just having a hard time deciding where to go for the Midsummer celebration. What is it like at Oland? Will traffic be horrendous? I can't help to think that maybe being in our ancestral village (of 200 people) would be more authentic?

Thanks for any information.

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Probably not the answer you want, but I have to say that "Choose what you wish" is good advice. Midsummer is celebrated all over Sweden and while there are regional differences Småland and Öland are pretty close so I expect the local traditions to be pretty similar.

Öland is popular and might be more crowded for midsummer. And traffic can be horrendous, especially around the bridge.