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Malmo--things to do near the central train station

We will be in Malmo for only an afternoon and are wondering what is in the area of the central train station that would be of interest.
Also, any good restaurants, especially for vegetarian options?
What is parking like in that part of town and can you pay with a credit card to park?

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I spent an afternoon in Malmö in 2016 and enjoyed it very much. I found that I was easily occupied just exploring the city center and looking at the interesting buildings and shops. (I walked as far as the Triangeln shopping center and then back to the train station.) If you'd rather have more structured "things to do," there's this boat tour of the canals that looked interesting. The boarding point is just across the bridge from the train station.

I didn't eat at any restaurants or have a car during my visit, so I can't advise you much on those questions. From the restaurants I walked past, though, I remember thinking that vegetarian options seemed relatively easy to find (I am also a vegetarian).