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Malmo, Sweden-with young children, any ideas for places to check out?

My husband and I and our two children ages 5 and 7 will be in Malmo for a few days coming up. I searched things to do and saw some articles regarding safety, etc. Can anyone recommend places to visit with kids? Also any input with regards to safety in the city?

The centre of Malmo is safe. I doubt you plan to visit any of the social housing estates in outlying districts.

You might enjoy one of the sightseeing boat trips. Otherwise I'd head across the bridge to Copenhagen where there's much more to do!

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We are staying in Copenhagen and plan a day trip to Malmo - we will also be with our five and seven year old children. So, I'm following along...
Have you heard of about the public art installation AnonyMouse? I'm not sure how long it will be around but it looks like something fun to see. Apparently they post new works on Instagram.
We figure we will also do something like try Swedish ice cream, or pancakes, or pastries or some such thing so the kids can inform us as to if they like the Swedish or the Danish version of said treat better.
I also assume the train ride across the ocean and over The Bridge will be entertainment.

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I haven't been to Malmö, but in general cities in Sweden often have excellent playgrounds. To find one near you, look for "lekplats" or "lekpark". I did a quick google search on "Malmö lekplats" and these came up

And here is an entire blog where a woman writes entries about the various playgrounds that she discovers with her daughter. Unfortunately, it is in Swedish, but it will give you some ideas.