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Malmö FF Game Tickets

We will be in Copenhagen in September and my husband would like to go to a Malmö FF match. We went to their site, but when you get to the purchase screen, the English translation isn't complete. There's just one price for "ordinary seats". We don't care where we sit, but it all seems too good to be true. The tickets are roughly only 18 SEK.
Also, it looks like the only option is to have the tickets mailed to us. That's not a big deal if they send them now. But if they send them closer to the date of the game, we might not get them before we leave for our trip (we leave a few weeks before the game).
Does anyone have recent experience buying tickets for a Mälmo game and can give me some insight? Thanks!

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It appears they play some of their matches in a smaller stadium that just has general admission. I suspect this might be a reserve team or Female Team match.
Copy/Paste Sweedish text into to get translations. It does state that you can print your own tickets.

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For what date are you looking? When I go to their website, I only see tickets for the women’s team (”DAM”) on sale in September. The tickets for the women’s games are at Malmö Stadion and just show regular and youth prices. They were 100 SEK for the regular tickets.

For the women’s games, the tickets can be sent by email (”EPOST”).

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One more thing …

There is a men’s game on Sept 3rd at Eleda. According to the website, the tickets are not yet on sale. It shows these dates for release:
13 juli släpps biljetterna med förtur till användare av Mitt MFF. (July 13 - users of My MFF)
20 juli släpps resterande biljetter upp för allmän försäljning. (July 20 - general sales)

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I just bought MFF tickets last week and attend at least one game every year (my spouse is from Malmö). I assume you want to get tickets for the men's team (Herr), not women (Dam). The women play in the old Malmö stadium, which is next to where the men's team play.
The only men's team home game in Sept is on the 3rd and tickets will go on general sale 20th of July, as the other poster mentioned.
Once you can buy, tickets, go to It is possible to select English, but some stuff will still be in Swedish. Anyway, click on the game you want under Fixtures and then you will get dropdown menus to choose which section you want. I recommend choosing "Sittplats Langsida" - these are seats along the field ("long side"). I've sat all over the stadium and there are really almost no bad seats here. Just be aware that the away fans sit in section 17 (sometimes 18). Since they often set off flares with smoke, you may want to avoid sitting near these sections. The seats cost between 470-650 SEK (~$43-65) and you can get them as E-tickets. Anyway, you put in the number of tickets you want and it will automatically assign you seats. You can then change seats if you wish by clicking "Choose your own seats."

By the way, great place to watch a match. Family friendly atmosphere, good fan culture. Make sure you are there in good time to hear the fans singing the Malmö hymn at the beginning - very powerful! Let me know if any other questions about attending a game, match day experience etc!

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Thank you ALL for your help! Now I understand what I'm looking at. I'm glad we waited for your feedback before rushing into buying tickets. Now as far as alternate day trips in Sweden from Copenhagen, looks like there are plenty of threads to help me there. :)