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Long layovers

I will be taking flight to Dublin from US via Swedish airline in November. The layover coming back from Dublin to Oslo is 13 hours Meaning. I will be sitting around the airport for that whole time.. Will I be able to go sightseeing a bit and then re- enter the airport to make good use of my visit there. Any restrictions to that idea?

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No official restrictions. You might want to check the left luggage options at the airport if you are, for example, only doing carryon. And of course it's on you to calibrate timing to get back to the airport for your onward flight.

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Assuming your layover is in Oslo, of course you can do that. 13 hours in an airport is not that fun. But the advice above is wrong, it's not just a matter of walking out of the airport. You need to go through immigration, which might involve a bit of queueing. But once you're through immigration it's just a matter of walking over to the railway station and buying a ticket to central Oslo.

(If it's in Stockholm it works more or less the same.)